Grinding System Neos

Performance and Efficiency - more than a step ahead

새롭게 개발된 Neos 그라인딩 시스템은 교반기 냉각은 물론, 최대 성능의 고품질과 고효율을 자랑합니다. 매우 작은 그라인딩 비드를 통해서도 높은 생산량의 신뢰할 수 있는 제품 품질을 제공합니다.

설계 단계부터 최대의 냉각 효율 달성을 위한 최적의 조건을 연구하였으며, 고압력에서도 설정 적정 온도를 유지할 수 있습니다. 이는 유사한 분쇄 기기에 비해 월등한 생산량 증가를 의미합니다.

Focus on Your Benefit

Neos - 생산 능력의 향상!

  • 제품 과열 없는 최고 전력
  • 최대 볼륨 처리량
  • 최고의 냉각 효율
  • 매우 작은 그라인딩 비드 (0.1 ~ 0.8 mm)
  • 재현 가능한 제품 품질
  • 높은 수준의 공정 신뢰성
  • 낮은 운영 비용
  • 기 장비의 최신 기술 업그레이드

Performance & Efficiency

High Power Input

A high power input is achieved with the new grinding system Neos which realizes a high productivity.

Reproducible Product Quality

Store your product formulations in the control system and achieve reproducible qualities in the production process.

Upgrade Zeta --> Neos

Do you want to keep your existing Zeta machine but also benefit from the advantages of the new Neos grinding system? We offer an upgrade to Neos for Zeta models.

Maximum Volume Throughput

In the circulation operation mode, the required number of cycles is achieved very quickly due to the extremely high volume throughput.

Stable Production Process

The optimal grinding media separation and maximum slotted pipe surface area ensure that the grinding process remains stable even with minor changes in process conditions (temperature fluctuations, formulation variances, viscosity changes, etc.).

Optimized Cooling

The highest cooling efficiency results from the use of new materials and optimum utilization of the available cooling surface.

Use of extremely small Grinding Media

Select the right size of NETZSCH Zeta - BeadsPlus for your process.

Preventive NETZSCH Service

Optimal maintenance along with the analysis of plant and machine data by our NETZSCH Service team increases the productivity and service life of the machine.

Neos 그라인딩 시스템의 특징:

  1. 슬롯 파이프의 최대 표면적
  2. 그라인딩 비드 분리의 최적화
  3. 최대 냉각면 대비 그라인딩 챔버 비율
  4. 효율적인 전원 공급을 위한 새로운 로터 디자인
  5. NETZSCH-Ceram C 이너 탱크 및 선택적 로터 냉각으로 최적의 그라인딩 챔버 냉각

Sucessfully Implementated Projects

Test the new Neos grinding system at our pilot plant

NC Flexo Printing Inks

During production of an NC flexo printing ink with a Neos 20, a net power input to the grinding chamber of 37 kW was possible without reaching the temperature limit of the product. In the existing process with a standard machine, the temperature limit was met with a net power input of 23 kW.
With the use of the new Neos in combination with optimized process parameters, the production performance was increased to more than 200% when employing a comparable machine size.

Textile Inkjet

For the processing of Digital Ink, covering decorative, packaging and functional inkjet, Neos® grinding system is also the optimal machine, in terms of design and materials selection. In the case of textile inkjet grinding, our customers are getting results 30% - 40% better in terms of productivity to use of other peg-counter pegs systems available in the market.

Neos provides in our grinding chamber sizes from 10 l - 50 l a perfect temperature control below 45°C.




The next Generation in Wet Grinding - NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH has now developed the new Alpha® modular machine platform. Compared to earlier-generation machines, this series is designed such that different grinding systems can be mounted on the same base platform as appropriate for a defined drive capacity.

추가 관심 제품 정보:

그라인딩 시스템 Zeta® (구 LMZ)

Zeta® 그라인딩 시스템은 간단한 운전 방법과 적은 유지 보수 등, 모든 면에서 신뢰할 수 있는 그라인딩 시스템 입니다. 

Grinding System Discus Intensive

Our company represents competence in grinding technology, and the ability to meet demanding customer requirements. With the introduction of the new disc geometry TetraNex®/TetraNex®+, a significant increase in the efficiency of the grinding system was achieved. Now the grinding system has been modified again. In this long history - marked by ideas and patents - a new milestone has been set with the Discus Intensive Rotor.

그라인딩 시스템 Macro

Macro 그라인딩 시스템은 원심력 분리 장치가 있는 John System 챔버 밀의 상위 버전 입니다. 

NETZSCH Alpha® - 차세대 아지테이터 비드밀

혁신적인 디자인의 차세대 아지테이터 비드밀 Alpha®를 소개합니다. 기존 시리즈와는 차별화된 새로운 Alpha® 시스템은 하나의 플랫폼에 업종별 특화된 분산기를 모두 적용, 동시에 생산 용량 변경도 가능하도록 설계되었습니다.