NETZSCH SmartRemoval

The economical and innovative system for easy filter hose change


This new type of filter hose changing system combines the advantages of conventional Top- und Side Removal Systems in one product.

In the past the choice made by companies purchasing dust filter systems was in general limited by the type of plant they already had: Basically, if the height of the building made filter change possible a Top Removal System was chosen, as such systems always have a lower residual dust content compared to Side Removal Systems. However, if the building was too low, then a Side Removal System was always chosen, although these always meant longer stoppages for changing filter hoses and cleaning. This was seen as the lesser evil compared to the high costs required for modification work to the production facilities.

This dilemma inspired the design engineers at NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH to look at the problem of filter hose changing from the customer´s point of view. The resulting worldwide innovationis a new type of filter hose changing system that combines the advantages of conventional Top- und Side Removal Systems in one product.

No tools, quick and easy

The main conceptual emphasis during the development of the SmartRemoval was first and foremost on enabling an intuitive filter hose change without tools, which could be carried out easily and rapidly. In practice stoppages necessary for changing the filter hoses constitute a major cost factor, which can even be decisive for the profitability of individual campaigns with frequent product change.

A further focus was on reducing the residual dust content down to that of a Top Removal System. In the end, the designers of the SmartRemoval were able to solve both tasks. The well thought out installation technology is constructed in such a way to exclude mounting errors and the mounting of the SmartRemoval is up to 80% quicker than that of previous Side Removal systems. In addition to this its residual dust content is so low that it is comparable to that of conventional Top Removal systems.

  • Mounting time up to 80 % shorter compared to side removal systems.
  • Easy mounting from the raw gas side without additional tools.
  • Proven Snap Ring technology guarantees the dust-tightness of the clean gas chamber.
  • The same residual dust contents as with top removal snap ring systems.
  • Mounting errors cannot occur.
  • No additional space in the building needed for dismounting the support cages as required for top removal systems.
  • Existing systems can be modified and retrofitted


NETZSCH SmartRemoval




The patent-pending NETZSCH SmartRemoval is an innovative filter hose replacement system saving time and money. It combines the advantages of the conventional Top and Side Removal Systems and offsets their weak points.

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추가 관심 제품 정보:

CGS 에어제트밀

고속의 제트 기류를 통한 제품 분쇄와 내부에 장착된 동적 에어 분급휠의 조합을 통해 완벽한 건식 미 분쇄가 완성됩니다.

네취의 에어 제트밀은 건식 분쇄의 한계에 해당하는 초 미세입도를 얻음에도 높은 재현성을 안정적으로 유지합니다.

분쇄 가능한 제품의 입도는 일반적으로 1에서 70 마이크론(d97)까지 이며, 설비 용량에 따라 요구되는 분쇄 에어의 유량은 50 에서 12,000 Nm³/h 입니다

새로운 e-Jet®s-Jet® 분쇄 방식의 개발은 경제적인 것 뿐만 아니라 기술적인 면에서도 새로운 도약이며 기존 방식으로 얻을 수 없었던 서브 마이크론 영역까지 가능케 하였습니다.


네취는 보다 효과적이고 효율적인 건식 분쇄를 위한 제품 라인을 확장하고 있습니다. NETZSCH SpheRho®는 건식 아지테이터 비드밀로 미네랄, 세라믹과 같은 원료에 적합하며, 매우 높은 정밀도와 고효율의 높은 생산량의 운전이 가능합니다.


높은 효용성을 자랑하는 실험실용 분쇄 장비는 탁월한 재현성뿐만 아니라 적은 양을 가지고 실험실에서 미세 분쇄 및 분급을 통해 최상의 샘플을 제조할 수 있습니다.

CFS/HD-S 고효율 에어 분급기

더욱 조밀한 제품의 입도분포를 원하신다면 CONDUX 고효율 미세 분급기 CFS/HD-S를 선택하십시오.

분급기 내에서 분산이 가능하도록 설계되어 정확한 입도 제어와 좁은 입도분포를 얻을 수 있습니다.

분급 가능 입도 범위: 2.5 ~ 60마이크론(d97)

소요 공기 유량 50 ~ 16,000Nm³/h에 따른 다양한 설비 용량