Webinar Series: SPOT ON

9월 Digital Application을 선보이는 NETZSCH 분쇄&분산


NETZSCH 분쇄 & 분산과 관련한 새로운 소식들을 전시회나 컨퍼런스에 앞서 소개하기 위해 웨비나를 개최합니다. 9월부터 시작되는 웨비나 시리즈 ‘Spot on’은 매월 다른 주제로 진행됩니다. 각 웨비나는 약 30분 동안 진행되며 이후에 질의응답 시간을 마련할 예정입니다.

여러 웨비나를 신청하실 수 있으며, 참석 비용은 무료입니다. 또한, 일대일 미팅을 요청하는 것도 환영합니다.

The program in detail


수십 년 동안 페인트와 코팅의 제형은 점점 더 복잡해졌습니다. 이러한 상황에서 원자재 절감과 완전 자동화된 플랜트로 증가한 배치 사이즈는 일관된 품질로 장기적으로 시장에서 성공할 수 있는 높은 잠재력을 제공합니다. 본 웨비나는 전 세계의 수많은 고객들이 페인트 및 코팅 생산에 사용하는 네취 장비와 공정에 대해 소개하기 위해 매주 화, 목요일에 진행됩니다. 참석하셔서 귀사에 유용한 정보를 얻으시는 귀중한 시간 되시길 바랍니다.

여기를 클릭하셔서 온라인 세미나에 대한 세부 정보를 확인하고 무료로 참석 신청하실 수 있습니다!

In times of constantly increasing demands on hygiene and cost-effectiveness, our primary goal is to supply highly productive, durable equipment and thus investment security. Our wide range of products, from continuous and batch mixers, to systems for wet and dry micronization, to high-pressure homogenizers, puts us in a position to offer the best possible solution for the customer's particular task, either as a stand-alone or as a combination of the various technologies. Because we are a reliable, safe and experienced partner throughout the entire process. Trust us on the way from product development to spare parts service.

Lithium-ion batteries store and supply electrical energy in cell phones, laptops and tools. Mobile applications, such as in electric bicycles, e-scooters and other electric vehicles and hybrid concepts, are also leading to a steadily increasing demand for batteries.

The goal is always to develop more powerful batteries that are characterized by increasing capacity, longer life, shorter charging times and lower weight.

Based on many years of experience, NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing offers a comprehensive portfolio of machines and equipment for the tasks of dry and wet grinding, mixing, homogenizing, dispersing, delaminating, classifying, deaerating, and analysis.

We rise to your challenge and improve your competitiveness through maximum efficiency and reproducible, high product quality while reducing downtime. You benefit from NETZSCH as a market and technology leader that supports you long-term and worldwide. Together with you, we will develop the right solution for your tasks in the food industry.

Our machines and systems are used in the food and confectionery industry for the production or preparation of spices, sugar, flours, cocoa, chocolate, filling compounds, compounds, nut masses, food additives, and much more.

No limits for your creativity!

NETZSCH supports you worldwide in your projects for the production of confectionery masses, starting with the raw materials up to the finished product. To ensure that your investment is a success right from the start, we take over the project planning and realization of your new production lines and train your personnel. Our modern application laboratory is always up to date, fulfills your wishes and gives free rein to your ideas.

Here you can try out your new recipes or optimize the production of your existing products. You are not alone in this! We are at your side with advice and support!