Neos - The Optimization Package for Zeta® Agitator Bead Mills

Double your Production Capacity

The newly developed Neos grinding system is also available as a conversion kit for your existing Zeta® System agitator bead mill. The basis of this customized optimization package is your existing machine configuration and your current production process.

With the new rotor geometry and optimal grinding chamber cooling, the power input will be increased significantly with the Neos grinding system, which means that you will see a substantial increase in production. The NETZSCH-Ceram C inner tank ensures that the required product temperature is maintained.

The premium package includes a grinding chamber with counter-elements, which helps increase the power input with very small grinding beads and/or low viscosities.

For the Neos 20 and Neos 50, a cooled agitator shaft ensures increased heat transfer. In each individual case, it must be determined whether a more powerful drive motor is required to achieve the objectives mentioned above. We will assist you in the assessment of your Zeta® agitator bead mill and selection of the Optimization Package.

Your Benefit

  • From 30% up to more than 100% increase in productivity compared to Zeta® agitator bead mills
  • Significantly higher power input
  • At least double the volume throughput for optimal operation in circulation mode
  • Efficient cooling in the processing chamber means low product temperature despite higher power input
  • Grinding beads from 0.1 mm to 0.8 mm can be used
  • Stable production process even with the smallest grinding media
  • Retrofitting existing machines means low investment costs
  • High system availability and planning reliability for your operation
Grinding System Neos

The agitator cooling with the newly-developed Neos grinding system stands for maximum performance, product quality and efficiency. Coupled with the reliable use of extremely small grinding media, you can achieve your required product quality with high production output and low specific energy consumption.

Optimization Packages

The Optimization Package includes the following services:

  • Assessment of the actual process data for your Zeta® agitator bead mill
  • Conversion
  • Re-commissioning
  • Optimization of the machine parameters
  • Training of your staff