Application Seminar | Analysis and Optimization of Wet Grinding Processes – from Laboratory to Production Scale


Application seminar with the goal to impart the theoretical background and the function of agitator bead mills.

The influence of important operating parameters on the grinding process is discussed and different procedures are shown.

The explained influences are demonstrated by means of practical tests on the laboratory mill LabStar as well as on a production machine. Afterwards it is spoken about the topics characterization of particles sizes and stabilization of suspensions (dispersing of finest particles down to the nanometer range).

Target group

User of agitator bead mills in the fields: 


  • Production
  • Process technology
  • Laboratory
  • Development


€ 1,000 + VAT

Data Notatka Miasto Państwo
06 Nov – 07 Nov 2019 German - fully booked Selb Germany
20 Nov, – 21 Nov 2019, English Selb Germany Rejestruj
19 Feb – 20 Feb 2020 German Selb Germany Rejestruj
01 Apr – 02 Apr 2020 English Selb Germany Rejestruj
07 Oct – 08 Oct 2020 German Selb Germany Rejestruj
18 Nov – 19 Nov 2020 English Selb Germany Rejestruj