Service Seminar: "Optimization of Agitator Bead Mills in Operation"


An educational seminar to teach participants how to mechanically and procedurally optimize agitator bead mills.

Mills are often run inefficiently because there is no sufficient control of the operating conditions. Thus the potential of the investigation is mostly insufficiently utilized.

This seminar will show how to lower operating costs and failure probability and how the capacity of grinding systems can be increased by process optimization.

Target group

Persons in charge of

  • Plant production
  • Process technology
  • Service


€ 1,000 + VAT

Data Notatka Miasto Państwo
12 Sep – 13 Sep 2018 German Selb Germany Rejestruj
28 Nov – 29 Nov 2018 English Selb Germany Rejestruj
27 Feb – 28 Feb 2019 German Selb Germany Rejestruj
18 Sep – 19 Sep 2019 English Selb Germany Rejestruj
23 Oct – 24 Oct 2019 German Selb Germany Rejestruj