NETZSCH Confectionery - Applications

NETZSCH Confectionery is attending the cocoa, chocolate, compound, filling cream and spread industry in the premises of NETZSCH in Selb, Bavaria, Germany as well through several sister companies in all globe. In the WhiteLab, an area set up solely for food and confectionery applications, the customers can see demonstration and perform tests with the specialized NETZSCH Systems, as well characterize the product on rheology, particle size, moisture and others. The results serve as the design basis for the plants that NETZSCH delivers worldwide to customers for the production of confectionery masses as well cocoa products.

For the production of

  • Chocolate mass
  • Compounds
  • Coatings, couvertures
  • Filling cream, with rework
  • Spreads

Special applications

  • Refining of cocoa liquor
  • Fine grinding of sugar
  • Fine grinding of cocoa press cake and shell
  • Rework of wafer, nuts, filling cream
  • Dearation of coatings
  • Direct processing of crystal sugar, cocoa nibs
  • and many more

Your advantages

  • Enclosed system
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy product changes
  • Compact solution (skids)
  • High flexibility

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