In-Line Homogenizer LambdaVita Type DHO /-S

Investment Security Right from the Start!

Ogólne informacje

Ogólne informacje

The quality of the homogenizer determines the quality of your emulsion.

Only by using the shear energy optimally the necessary droplet sizes and droplet size distributions can be achieved.

Apart from the profitability, the efficiency has absolute priority concerning the choice of the homogenizer. Of course, a universal application for different products must be possible.

Our special attention is directed to the development of an optimum tooth geometry, of the dispergating toothing as well as to the shaping of the whole homogenizing system, in order to produce highest shear speeds/shear energies and thus to guarantee finest emulsion droplets.
The high capacity of the homogenizer stands also out in the upper vacuum range.

With the NETZSCH-Vakumix Homogenizer, we meet all wishes of the market.

A variety of options and versions enables the:

  • suction of different phases directly into the toothing area (e.g. hot-cold),
  • thinning of ethersulfate in the inline process,
  • integration of powders,
  • dosed feeding of liquid phases at the same time,
  • and much more.

In-Line Homogenizer LambdaVita Type DHO /-S for vessel installation.

  • Homogenizing
  • Dispergating
  • Suspending
  • Pumping
  • CIP

Quality right into the detail - reliability without compromises

NETZSCH-Vakumix - The best choice for your product

The NETZSCH-Vakumix In-Line Homogenizers LambdaVita work according to the rotor / stator principle and convince by their capacity and flexibility. High shear speeds / shear energy for fine emulsions and droplet distributions.



The decisive characteristics of the In-Line Homogenizer LambdaVita Type DHO /-S are

  • Installation into vessel bottoms,
  • Excellent suction behaviour for hot-cold production,
  • Internal homogenizing of smallest amounts without any problems,
  • Homogenizing in the recirculation,
  • Pressure- and vacuum-proof sealing,
  • Quick and easy maintenance,
  • GMP design,
  • CIP design,
  • SIP design,
  • Stepless variable RPM,
  • ATEX authorizations,
  • Large capacity spectrum,
  • Rugged design for highes viscosities,
  • Patented protection system for the homogenizer toothing,
  • Low-in-noise design,
  • Dry-run safe by means of high quality mechanical seals,
  • Careful pumping and drain.

Additional Equipment

Installation possibilities in the chamber of the homogenizer

Conductivity, pressure, temperature, pH-value, suction valves

Equipment possibilities for the recirculation line

Flow, conductivity, pressure, pH-value, sample drain, suction valves

The homogenizers are supplied in the following power ranges: 5.5 kW to 210 kW.

Technical Features

  • Pressure- and vacuumproof machine design,
  • GMP-style design of mixing vessel,
  • All parts in contact with the product high-grade steel (AISI 316TI),
  • Stepless RPM-control of the agitator drive via frequency changer for optimization of mixing intensity,
  • Bidirectional operation of anchor agitator with double-sided PVDF-scrapers – perfect temperature transition,
  • Horizontal and vertical mixing of the product by special baffle positioning,
  • Homogenizer mounted in the center of the vessel bottom with multiple-rim rotor-stator system and RPM control,
  • Powerful homogenizingin the vessel and via recirculation at higher, viscosity
  • Nearly residue-free drainage of the machine via the homogenizer,
  • Easy cleansing of mixer and pipings in inline-operation via the homogenizer (cleansing process even recipe controlled),
  • Scale-up to larger NETZSCH Vakumix production machines,
  • CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) and SIP (Sterilizing-In-Place) style design for vessel, fittings and pipings,
  • All machine components of the product area can be sterilized up to 130°C.
  • Additional measuring probe installation into the homogenizer chamber possible (conductivity, pressure, temperature, pH-value and particle measuring value),
  • Various suction methods via suction- or metering valves,
  • Heating and cooling system, pressureproof design for liquid or gaseous energy sources,
  • One- or two-zone heating, vessel bottom or whole vessel optionally heatable,
  • Vacuum via corresponding water ring vacuum pumps, if requested with gas ejectors,
  • Future-oriented control system for automation of batch processes with documentation of process-related sizes,
  • Simple operation of the plants and machines by means of Windows surfaces






As the global leader in particle-reduction machinery, NETZSCH offers the technology and machinery to provide true drug development solutions.

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