CFS 5 and CFS 8 Fine Classifiers

When fine is not fine enough!

Efficient fine classification with effective results and sharp separation for coarse grain separation as well as product dedusting.

The CFS 5 and CFS 8 are effective laboratory classifiers for the dry separation of small amounts of powders that cannot be processed by conventional dispersing machines due to the desired final fineness.The user friendly design of the machine housing enables fast, complete cleaning of the machine when product or batches are changed.

The plant is designed to be modular, so that other modules can be added, such as our CGS Fluidized Bed Jet Mill, ConJet® High Density Bed Jet Mill, and High-efficiency Classifier Model CFS/HD-S to make a completely versatile laboratory platform.

NETZSCH Laboratoryjne linie technologiczne



  • Finenesses from d97 10 µm to d97 250 µm (based on limestone)
  • Laboratory classifier with vertical shaft
  • Vortex free fines outlet with expansion chamber to reduce circumferential speed and wear as well as build-up of residues
  • Classifier wheel with simultaneously rotating immersion tube to achieve highest finenesses, unlimited adjustment
  • Gap between classifier wheel and fines outlet rinsed by gas for highest possible prevention of oversize material in the fines fraction
  • Classifier shaft seal rinsed by compressed gas to protect the bearings
  • Bearing of the classifier shaft permanently grease lubricated
  • Exact, sharp separation through optimized classifier design
  • Even load on the classifier wheel through rotationally symmetric construction of the machine
  • Hinged classifier head provides good access for fast and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Reproducible results
  • Shipped ready for immediate operation
  • Can be combined with other machine modules
Function principle of the laboratory fine classifier


Kleje / Szczeliwa


Ceramika / Szkło


Pigmenty / Barwniki

Processing of pigments CONDUX CFS Fine Classifier




The NETZSCH Fine Classifier CFS is used for classifying of fine powder when a screening machine cannot be used becaus of the desired separation limit.


Ultra-fine Grinding and Ultra-fine Classifying on a Laboratory Scale


NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH, one of the global leading companies in the area of dry product processing, is part of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing of the NETZSCH Group. Customers profit from our comprehensive experience potential and our diverse machine program, ranging from laboratory- and production machines to complete production lines. Fine impact mills, classifying- and jet mills as well as fine-cutting mills and high-efficiency fine classifiers made by NETZSCH are mainly used in the application areas chemistry, inorganic materials/minerals, ceramics and life science for pharma- and food applications.

Literatura przedmiotu

Literatura przedmiotu

Using the spiral air classifier as a model, the infernal processes in a classifier rotor with vanes are discussed and test results compared. The test data was obtained from rotors with an external diameter of 260 mm and 360 mm. Fine materials were produced with d97 of approximately 2.5 µm. The comparison illustrates that results achieved in practice can be interpreted from the described model. The new classifier rotors are already in use in air classifiers and classifier mills; the Superfine Classifier CFS and the Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mill CGS are presented.

The smallest fine classifier for the laboratory

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CFS Ultra-Fine Classifier

Kiedy nie można już użyć przesiewacza sitowego z powodu jego ograniczeń konstrukcyjnych w grę wchodzi nasz „standardowy” separator CFS do produktów ultradrobnoziarnistych, który potrafi dokonać selektywnej klasyfikacji pyłów o drobnym ziarnie. Wysokowydajna klasyfikacja i sprawność pracy dotyczy zarówno oddzielania nadziarna jak i podziarna.

Dostępne dla rozdrobnienia od 10 do 250 µm (d97).

Maszyny dostępne są w rozmiarach do przerabianych objętości gazu od 50 do 16 000 Nm³/h.

CGS 10 and CGS 16 Fluidized Bed Jet Mills

The smallest jet mills for virtually contamination-free fine grinding with an integrated classifier wheel – highest finenesses also achievable with the hardest of products.

For finenesses from 2.5 to 70 µm (d97).

Machine sizes with grinding air capacities of approximately 35 to 125 Nm³/h.

CFS 5 HD-S and CFS 8 HD-S High-efficiency Fine Classifiers

The smallest for the finest – exact separation results for superfine powder through best possible product classification with the sharpest separation and maximum gains.

For separation limits from 2.5 to 60 µm (d97).

Machine sizes with gas volume of approximately 25 to 145 Nm³/h.


The basic module of the PilotPlant can be operated with different mills and classifiers - predestined for the production of small quantities.