Application laboratory for testing your product

NETZSCH applications laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are part of our comprehensive service program. The NETZSCH wet grinding and mixing laboratory is located in Selb, and our dry grinding and classifying laboratory is located in Hanau, both in Germany.

NETZSCH laboratories apply the highest quality standards and allow us to accurately test customer products in order to obtain the maximum grinding efficiency according to the customers specifications. Grinding tests can be runned both laboratory scale and production sized machines. After testing is complete, a comprehensive test report, including a sample of the final product, is prepared and sent to the customer.

Customers are welcome to take part in the testing of their product, guaranteeing that all tests are runned exactly according to their requirements. During the trials, customers will also learn more about our company, its manufacturing abilities and our specialized technicians.

NETZSCH Application Laboratories

Selb / Germany

Wet Grinding / Mixing of Chemical Products


Wet Grinding / Mixing of Food Products

Hanau / Germany

Dry Grinding and Classifying of Chemical Products


Dry Grinding and Classifying of Food Products

Bremen / Germany

Dispersing and homogenizing of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Shanghai / China
Tula / Russia Federation
Goyang / Korea
Chennai / India
Barcelona / Spain

Wet grinding / Dry Grinding for Minerals & Mining Application

Terrassa / Barcelona / Spain

Wet Grinding for Chemical Products

Exton / USA
Pomerode / Brazil