Laboratory De-Aerator MiniVac

Efficient De-Aeration of flowable Products

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The specially developed machine for small batches or first tests, like the NETZSCH-Vacuum De-Aerator, works according to the VTR principle (Vacuum Thin layer Rotation Procedure). Micronized gas and air pockets are removed with the laboratory De-Aerator MiniVac from liquids with different viscosities, as well as from viscous pastes and masses. Depending on the product viscosity, the construction of the machine enables a continuous operation without an additional feeding pump at a throughput rate of 25 - 250 kg/h.

The MiniVac stands out with its easy operation. The ease of working with the machine is facilitated by the adjustment of the tank position. Further advantages of the vacuum de-aerator are easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • The product is drawn into the de-aeration chamber by vacuum, drawing the product into the center of the rotating bowl
  • The arising thin product layer is continuously de-aerated on the rotating bowl
  • The speed of the rotating bowl is infinitely adjustable via frequency inverter
  • The product discharge occurs through a pick-up pipe and is caused by centrifugal force
  • The residence time of the product within the de-aeration chamber is influenced by nonreturn valves and valves
  • Depending on the product viscosity, operation without an additional pump is also possible
  • Easy and clean handling due to swiveling process unit
  • The compact and ergonomically designed machine allows low maintenance expenditure and easy cleaning at minimum product loss
  • A high degree of flexibility at highest reproducibility when choosing the batch sizes
Laboratory De-Aerator MiniVac – de-aeration according to the VTR principle (Vacuum Thin layer Rotation Procedure)



NETZSCH De-Aerator




Usuwa zmikronizowane pęcherzyki gazu i powietrza z płynów o szerokim zakresie lepkości.

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