System Salsa®

Compound production at the highest level


Compared to other systems, the Salsa® system stands out for its lower requirements for power, cooling water and space, and for its shorter processing times.

Thanks to the modular construction, the plant is designed according to your exact requirements. The plants can easily be expanded at a later time.

Our line concept Salsa® includes the initial homogenization of the individual components in a mixing tank with a rapidly spinning dispersion tool for product circulation, transfer of the mass to the heatable process tank and the final fine grinding in the MasterRefiner agitator bead mills.

Optionally, our systems can be equipped with a feed station and fat-melting system, for example.

With the  Salsa® system you achieve the best reproducibility in a defined semi- or fully-automated process. The simple, menu-guided control system, which includes temperature control, allows exact adjustment of your desired quality, with end finenesses < 15 μm possible.


  • Completely enclosed system
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low energy requirement
  • Short processing times
  • Highest quality
  • Space-saving
  • Very flexible
  • Low processing temperature

Dados Técnicos

The production capacity of a plant is dependent on the size of the MasterRefiner agitator bead mill (with Samba system) employed. In addition it is strongly dependent on the initial fineness of the sugar used.

Seu dispositivo é muito pequeno para exibir esta tabela.
Mill type                                  Throughput capacity [kg/h] *
Granulated sugar < 1.5 mmPre-ground sugar < 250 μm
MasterRefiner 6
MasterRefiner 30
MasterRefiner 60
MasterRefiner 150600720
MasterRefiner 2009001080
MasterRefiner 30012001440
MasterRefiner 50018002160


* at an end fineness of 25 μm. End finenesses < 15 μm are possible with adjusted throughput. Assumes a maximum sugar content of 50% and a fat content of 30%.





Our Salsa®-system provides the economical production of compounds, fillings or spreads with an individual note, even in small quantities.


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