Homogenizing Mixer KappaVita

Investment Security Right from the Start!



The heart of each production, the homogenizing mixer.

The quality of the homogenizing technology determines the quality of your products.

Do not agree to any compromises. NETZSCH Vakumix offers investment security right from the start.

We talk with our customers and know the problems of our customers during production. The long-time experience and thus the optimization and constant development of the NETZSCH Vakumix engineers is a part of the high quality standard of NETZSCH Vakumix Homogenizing Mixers.

The heart of the production has to work without any problems and to guarantee a constantly high product quality. Only then, you as customer will be satisfied. And only satisfied customers will recommend NETZSCH Vakumix.

And this is our aim:

“Satisfied customers“

Quality right into the detail

The quality of the KappaVita makes it possible. Productivity and flexibility reduce your production times and -costs.

For universal application of

  • Homogenizing
  • Dispersing
  • Mixing
  • Degassing


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ModelsDetailled Discription
  • Machines with hydraulically liftable lid  
  • Pressure range: -1 to + 2 bar
  • Machines with bolted lid   4
  • Pressure range: -1 to + 2 bar
  • Machines with hydraulically liftable lid  
  • Pressure range: -1 to ambient
  • Machines with bolted/welded lid  
  • Pressure range: -1 to ambient
Dados Técnicos

Dados Técnicos

The decisive characteristics of the Homogenizing Mixer KappaVita  are:

  • Automatic lifting and lowering of lid and agitator,
  • Pressure- and vacuum-proof machine design,
  • Lid with safety quick lock, quick and easy to operate,
  • Aseptic GMPdesign,
  • Integrated CIP design, with new CIP washing balls rotating underneath the lid,
  • Integrated SIP design,
  • Stepless RPM-control of the agitator and the homogenizer, thus a highly efficient agitating and  homogenizing system in all RPM ranges,
  • Patented scraping for clockwise and counterclockwise direction. A clean scraping in both directions is guaranteed, thus excellent heating and cooling times, EP000000761296B1
  • Patented scraper mount without screws, pins or safety elements, EP000000761296B1
  • Excellent horizontal and vertical mixing of highly viscous products,
  • Patented method for homogenizing smallest amounts in the vessel, DE000019923378C2
  • Method for sucking and dispergating comfortably powders,*
  • Patented intensive homogenizing in the vessel as well in the recirculation, DE000019923378C2
  • Suction of water and fat phases according to hot/cold method* (direct meeting of both phases in the highest shear range of the dispergating machine),
  • Flexible adapting of the highest shear energy to a careful pumping and draining of the product,
  • Patented rotor-stator protection system against foreign parts* (less breakdowns), DE000029822149U1
  • Control of the heating- and cooling processes with different strategies,*
  • Control and automation of the simple touch – operation up to the fully automatic recipe- and batch control, with GAMP conform documentation,


Additional Equipment

  • Installation possibilities into the homogenizer chamber for
    Conductivity, pressure, temperature, pH-value, particle size measurement, suction valves, hot/cold – method.
  • Equipment possibilities for the recirculation line
    Flow, conductivity, pressure, pH-value, viscosity, sample drain, suction valves.
  • Equipment possibilities in the lid area
    Ventilation, vacuum, safety equipment, automatic pressure and vacuum controls, powder suction, liquid suctions, dosing reservoir, dosing of various raw materials, hand hole openings
  • CIP Equipment
    - Installed as stationary system in the lid
    - Rotating system beneath the lid
  • Quick Lid Lock
    Safety clamp lock, lock valve and ventilation valve.
  • Vessel Material
    Product-contacted 1.4404, heating and cooling jacket 1.4541, other vessel part
  • Heating and cooling controls
    - Heating directly with steam via control valve
    - Secondary heating – hot water circuit heatable with steam, via control valve
    - Secondary heating – hot water circuit electrically heatable
  • Can be combined with:
    - Indirect cooling with cooling water
    - Direct cooling with ice water
    - Indirect cooling with ice water
    - Heating / cooling via one zone heating
    - Heating / cooling via two zone heating
  • Vacuum Control
    Waterring vacuum pump between 2 m3/h and 400 m3/h
  • Control/Operation
    Control Siemens S7
    Touch 5,7“ colour display
    IPC – 15“ touch – colour display, schematically visualized, error analysis
    Recipe programmes, recipe administration
    Trends, history
    Batch protocol
  • Machine sizes of the KappaVita series for the following working volumes (in liters):
    50, 65, 115, 180, 225, 275, 325, 475, 500, 675, 1100, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 6000




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