Economic Dispersionizer ... Taking Dispersion One Step Further


Successful dispersion requires targeted force in order to separate agglomerated particles. The Omega® Economic Disperser applies dispersive forces then and there, where they are especially effective: in the Omega® disperser body, energy is transformed into very high speeds under pressure. Turbulence and cavitation in perfect combination with specifically-applied shearing forces ensure maximum dispersion results. In addition, the system can be easily adapted to different operating conditions or formulations thanks to the Omega® disperser body, which consists of a nozzle with infinitely adjustable flow properties.

The optimum adaptation and increased efficiency not only lead to reduced energy consumption in the production process and thereby less heat development, but also to less wear as compared to traditional technologies.


Technical advantages

  • Effective dispersion of particle and pigment agglomerates
  • Small particle sizes
  • Noticeably reduced heat development during dispersion
  • High efficiency, short pass-through times
  • Reproducible product quality
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Easy cleaning and faster product change
  • Gentle dispersing
  • Low- and high viscosity products

 Commercial advantages

  • Simple integration into existing processes, no special adaptation necessary
  • High throughput
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Fewer passes for "difficult" dispersions
  • Application for both standard and high tech products
  • Compact construction (space-saving assembly possible)

Environmental advantages

  • Reduced energy consumption compared to standard dispersion technologies
  • Low cooling water consumption
  • Minimal cleaning agent required for product change
  • Increased dissolution of additives



NETZSCH Omega®® Economic Dispersionizer ... Taking Dispersion One Step Further




A NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH oferece máquinas para misturar, amassar e dispersar produtos de baixa a alta viscosidade, bem como diversas unidades de moagem úmida para redução à escala nanométrica, feitas sob medida para cada aplicação. Quando se trata do processamento de produtos secos por corte, moagem ou classificação fina, você encontrará uma grande riqueza de experiência e um programa igualmente variado de moinhos de impacto, classificadores e moinhos de jatos opostos, bem como moinhos cortadores de moagem fi na e grossa e classificadores de produtos fi nos de alto desempenho.


Successful dispersion requires targeted force in order to separate agglomerated particles. The Omega® Economic Disperser applies dispersive forces then and there, where they are especially effective.

Documentos técnicos

Documentos técnicos

In 2011, NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH began technical development and engineering of the Omega® Economic Dispersionizer for deagglomeration, disaggregation and delamination of primary particles, as well as emulsification. In April 2013, NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC introduced the Omega® to the North American market. The unit was designed for a dispersion process between typical high-speed dissolvers, in-line mixers and media mills...

Documentos técnicos

Grinding or dispersing processes are used in the manufacture of many different products. For some applications, where the goal is to achieve deagglomeration, disaggregation or delamination, manufacturing technologies are often applied for which optimisation is both desired and necessary. A new production technology enables optimisation for such applications in terms of power requirements, output and service life of the production machinery, as well as ease of cleaning and operation.

(European Coatings Journal, 02/2014)

Documentos técnicos

With a machine technology that covers a very broad viscosity range, the Omega® Economic Dispersionizer often represents an advancement over conventional manufacturing technologies with respect to energy requirements and output as well as ease of cleaning and operation.

(Paint & Coatings Industry, 05/2015)


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