Laboratory Systems - NETZSCH Измельчение и Диспергирование

Laboratory Systems for Chemical Industry

The operation of air jet mills or high-efficiency fine classifiers in laboratories also calls for ready to use lab systems with all the necessary procedural components such as dosing equipment, cyclone, filter, blower and electrical control equipment.

For this purpose NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik has developed ready to use plant modules which can be completed with the machine module required for the particular case.

For all kinds of uses as well as for various machine sizes, the solution for you is:
NETZSCH Laboratory Systems!


The LabCompactPlus was especially designed for use in laboratories - machine (mills or classifiers) are taken up by a swivel arm on the machine base and can be exchanged very easily.


Гибкая лабораторная система с отличной воспроизводимостью результатов, предназначенная   для измельчения и  классификации сверхтонких продуктов. Установка позволяет проводить в лабораторных условиях пилотные испытания и производить  небольшие партии продукта в непрерывном режиме!


The basic module of the PilotPlant can be operated with different mills and classifiers - predestined for the production of small quantities.