Гомогенизаторы LambdaVita

Общее описание

Общее описание

The design of the homogenizer determines the quality of your dispersions.

Only with optimum utilization of the shear energy can the required particle/droplet sizes and size distributions be achieved. In addition to economy, efficiency is paramount when selecting a homogenizer. And of course, a universal application for your various products must be possible.

Our particular focus is on the development of an optimal tooth geometry, on the dispersion toothing, as well as on the design of the entire homogenizing system, in order to produce both the highest shear rates / shear energies and thus to ensure the finest droplets / particles. In addition, all homogenizers of the LambdaVita® series are CIP-capable.

The homogenizers ensure high flow rates, especially in the upper vacuum range. With the NETZSCH Vakumix homogenizer we meet all the demands of the market.

A variety of options and versions makes the following possible for you:

  • Homogenization
  • Dispersing
  • Suction of different phases directly into the area of the homogenizer (e.g. hot-cold)
  • Dilution of ether sulfate in a continuous process
  • Induction of powders
  • Dosed feeding of liquid phases at the same time
  • and much more


Types Description
  • Rotor/ stator inline homogenizer
  • Stationary design
  • Rotor circumferential speed up to 31 m/s
  • Installation in the tank botom
  • Installation in existing tanks via special flange
  • Stationary, horizontal design for external connection to existing tank or for
    continuous operation
  • Rotor peripheral speed up to 31 m/s
  • Rotor/stator homogenizer
  • Mobile, horizontal design for external connection to existing tank or for
    continuous operations
  • Rotor peripheral speed up to 31 m/s

Special Models

ULTRA-Shear Homogenizer LambdaVita Type US
∙ Rotor/stator homogenizer
∙ Rotor peripheral speed up to 55 m/s
ULTRA-Shear-TWIN Homogenizer LambdaVita Type UST

The ULTRA-Shear-TWIN Homogenizer LambdaVita works with two dynamic rotors which can run oppositely to each other or synchronously.

LambdaVita Type conti

With the LambdaVita Type conti, you invest into the first system which is able to homogenize directly within the pipeline without any process vessel. Here,you not only save space, but also win flexibility, as the system has a modular design and its Inline-housing can be homogenized, dispergated or mixed within a piping system.





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