NETZSCH Ceram-C - это высокопроизводительная керамика


Что такое NETZSCH Ceram C?

NETZSCH Ceram C относится к группе неокислительной керамики и является одним из самых тяжелых в

Характеристики NETZSCH Ceram C:Характеристики NETZSCH Ceram C:

  • Очень высокая твердость и износостойкость
  • Большая теплопроводность
  • Химическая стойкость к большинству жидких сред

Hardness / Wear Resistance

Because of the very high hardness of NETZSCH Ceram C, the abrasion resistance of this material is impressive. In comparison to other grinding chamber materials, NETZSCH Ceram C is undefeated in its lifetime.

Thermal Conductivity

Because of the outstanding thermal conductivity (180 W/(m·K)) of NETZSCH Ceram C, grinding chambers with an inner liner made from it, are as well convincing in terms of the cooling performance. No other material that could possibly be used for the inner liners of grinding chambers is nearly as efficient in cooling.

Chemical Resistance

NETZSCH Ceram C convinces with an extreme high chemical resistance to most liquid dispersion media and solvents*.

* Not applicable for highly alkaline media (> pH 10-11)

Your benefits:

  • Less maintenance costs
  • Reduction of downtime/ high machine availability
  • Less product contamination
  • Improved cleansing due to low surface roughness

Your benefits:

  • Very high cooling performance: maximum of energy input into the grinding zone is possible.
    • Maximum in productivity
    • Reduction of process times
  • No further external cooling necessary* (e.g. cooling of batch tank, external heat exchanger, external chiller)

Your benefits:

  • High flexibility at changing recipes and products
  • A “universal solution“ for all laboratory and production requirements