Bora - Air Turbo Classifier

Общее описание

ECUTEC´s Bora air turbo classifiers have been developed specifically for ultra finde products with high added value.

The Bora classifiers have been developed from our Scirocco and Mistral classifier technology, combining the benefits of both machines to produce a high performance classifier at a very competitive price. Because of their high top cut sharpness, they are suitable for the production of toner and similar products.

Covering an airflow range from 360 to 24.000 m³/h, the classifiers can be used either in a laboratory scale or for high production capacities. Also, abrasive products such as quartz, zircon oxide, etc can be separated without high wear. For applications in the food and chemical industries, these classifiers can be built in stainless steel with various grades of surface finishes.


  • Cut point down d98 < 2 μm
  • Innovative axial blades for improved recovery
  • Range from laboratory to industrial sizes
  • Direct transmission
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Serveral types of solid ceramic rotors for abrasive products
  • Housing lined with ceramic of polyurethane




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