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NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC is the North American subsidiary of the globally operated group of NETZSCH companies. NETZSCH is a leading manufacturer of wet grinding and dispersing machinery, including media milling, dispersing and de-aerating from lab research to full-scale production in the following applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Adhesives
  • Biotech
  • Coatings
  • Chocolate  
  • Cosmetics
  • Drug Discovery   
  • Environmental
  • Food and Beverage   
  • Inks and Paints
  • Minerals
  • Nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Renewable Energy
  • Technical Ceramics

Located in Exton, Pennsylvania, a western suburb of Philadelphia, our 85,000-square-foot facility contains engineering and manufacturing space, testing laboratories, and marketing and corporate offices.

With access to comprehensive global resources, NETZSCH customers can rely on our rigorous standards in design, engineering and manufacturing to deliver products with reliability, scalability and exceptional quality. NETZSCH service, like NETZSCH quality, is geared to surpass our customers' expectations. Our full-service capabilities in the areas of functional design, development, production, sales and service meet the highest demands established by the ISO 9001 International Quality Guidelines.

NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, LLC. Acquires Premier Mill

EXTON, Pa., May 7, 2010 – NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, LLC. and SPX Corporation signed a definitive agreement on April 30, 2010, under which NETZSCH acquired the Premier Mill business of SPX Corporation. Premier Mill is a well-known brand of grinding and dispersing equipment. As of May 3, 2010, the combined products and services of NETZSCH and Premier Mill became available under the new company name NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC.

Premier Mill’s product line is a strategic addition to the existing NETZSCH portfolio of grinding, dispersing, mixing and deaereating equipment. This equipment is ideal for processing coatings, inks, pigments, pharmaceuticals, food, ceramics, agrochemicals, minerals and many other products. The combined product line enables NETZSCH Premier Technologies to offer a broader range of solutions to both current and new customers. NETZSCH will build on Premier’s customer relationships by maintaining sales, service and support for all Premier parts and products.

“The addition of Premier Mill will advance NETZSCH’s position as the leader in wet and dry fine grinding technology with the most comprehensive lines of processing equipment,” said Dimitrios Makrakis, managing director of the Germany-based NETZSCH Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing. “Premier’s equipment, talent and customers complement NETZSCH’s business and extend our ability to meet any challenge in mechanical process engineering.”

Other terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, LLC. Acquires Premier Mill
Premier Mill

Premier Mill

NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology, LLC. and SPX Corporation have signed an agreement under which NETZSCH has acquired Premier Mill. As of May 3, 2010, our combined technologies became available under the name NETZSCH Premier Technologies, LLC.

We want to assure you that although our name has changed, we value our customers and are committed to providing the highest level of sales support and service for all your equipment and parts. In fact, NETZSCH Premier Technologies will serve you better.

The combined product line enables NETZSCH Premier Technologies to offer a broader range of solutions to both current and new customers. NETZSCH will build on Premier’s customer relationships by maintaining sales, service and support for all Premier parts and products.

NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology LLC., Exton, PA / USA

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Technical Center

Technical Center

The NETZSCH Premier Technologies' Technical Center is designed for pilot product production and testing of a diverse range of wet grinding machines, from small laboratory scale mills up to pilot scale equipment, including

  • High speed dispersion and mixing equipment
  • Horizontal media mills
  • Bench-size, pilot plant and production-size mills
  • Particle size analysis

Technical Center Features:

  • 16,500-square-foot, two-story technical center
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment Production & Certification suite
  • Four wet processing suites
  • Application demonstration area
  • Equipment washroom
  • Isolated hazardous material storage area
  • Analytical laboratory
  • Office suites
  • Client training and conference rooms

Following proven testing in our laboratory pilot plant, NETZSCH guarantees that our supplied equipment will operate exactly as promised. We stand behind every machine we manufacture.

In 2008, NETZSCH Premier Technologies opened a dedicated pharmaceutical lab equipment testing facility in Exton, PA. NETZSCH invites members of the pharmaceutical industry to test their processes on lab-sized grinding and dispersion equipment with the one-on-one support of a NETZSCH technician. An additional 1,200-square-foot area is dedicated to pharmaceutical assembly and factory acceptance testing (FAT).

Contact Paul Trefny, laboratory manager at 610-280-1286 or paul.trefny‎@‎ to schedule your next grinding test or contact your regional manager.

NETZSCH Fine Particle Technology LLC., Exton, PA / USA


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