New Condux® Impact Mill Series – Maximum Flexibility

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The concept of the CUM Universal Mill from NETZSCH-CONDUX Mahltechnik GmbH, which has been established in the market for many years, has been reworked. The mill has also been given the new name Condux®. Many special designs of the CUM that are already operating with great success prompted the development work. While retaining proven design features, an extremely flexible modular system has been created in the new Condux® Impact Mill series.

Compared with conventional universal rotor impact mills, the Condux® clearly offers greater flexibility for product processing, since the proven design parameters are now realized in an applicationspecific “modular system”. Here, the integration of unnecessary features is eliminated from the outset and only those that the customer really needs for his application are offered. Decisive for the design are application-specific housing constructions and bearings that are adapted to the various rotors. Moreover, the new mill is faster and easier to clean compared to the conventional model and, with a narrower gradation of the smaller model sizes, a frequently expressed customer request has been answered.

Application Examples

One of the primary applications for the Condux® Impact Mill is grinding granulated sugar into powdered sugar. Starting from a feed size of 0.8 mm to 2 mm, the sugar is ground to 0.1 mm in the mill. Depending on the application, the powdered sugar is either packaged or processed further after grinding.

Another interesting application example is cocoa liquefaction. Here, so-called cocoa nibs are fed into the Condux®. Cocoa nibs are cocoa kernel fragments that result during the production of cocoa paste when the cocoa beans are cracked open and the kernel is separated from the shell. The cocoa nibs are ground in the Condux® counter-rotating pin mill model in which two pin disks rotate in opposite directions. The product exits the mill in the form of liquid chocolate.

Various pre-ground spices with a feed size of approx. 2-3 mm are ground down to less than 0.5 mm with the Condux®. These are then used in prepared foods such as dry soup mixes, pizzas and paellas.

All in all, the Condux® impact mill is an ideal, highly-flexible solution for the grinding of many products in the food, cellulose derivative, animal feed, chemical and plastics industries down to a particle size of less than 0.03 mm.