Dispersing & Homogenzing Solutions for Phama & Cosmetics

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There is no limit to the extensive product range by NETZSCH Vakumix and what you cannot find here, we offer nevertheless. Ask our specialists. We listen and work together with you on the optimum solution.

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Homogenizing Mixer KappaVita

Homogenizing Mixer KappaVita in pressure- and vacuum-proof machine design

Premix Vessels GammaVita

The premix vessel GammaVita Type ABF designed for a fat phase and is mostly equipped with a two-zone heating and an additional grinding head.
The premix vessel GammaVita Type ABW is designed for water phases.

Homogenizer LambdaVita

Homogenizer LambdaVita for stationary operation as lying version


Başarılı bir dispersiyon için yönlenimli kuvvetler gerekir; böylece topaklanan parçalar tekrar ayrılabilir. Economic Dispersionizer Omega®, dispersiyon kuvvetlerini etkili oldukları zamanda ve yerde uygular: Omega® dispersiyon organında basınç altında enerji çok yüksek hızlara dönüştürülür.