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Genel Bilgiler

Genel Bilgiler

NETZSCH Vakumix Circulation Agitator (Patent No. EP 0760 254 B1)

Circulation Agitators are mounted at the lowest point of the vessel bottom of the NETZSCH Vakumix Premix Vessels GammaVita Type ABW (water), ABF (fat) and ABS (suspensions).
The agitators are used for mixing of liquids or suspensions as well as for melting oils, fats and waxes for a subsequent emulsion production.

The circulation agitator has two main functions:

Mixing in the vessel, with the advantage of the production of a high vessel wall flows at the heating and cooling surfaces of the processing vessel at the whole vessel circumference. Thus, a good heat transition to the product is guaranteed. Furthermore, there is the advantage of short heating and cooling times.

By means of the high edge flow, the whole vessel content is evenly mixed. Thus, an even distribution of the substances to be mixed is guaranteed.

Mixing of smallest amounts, e.g. 1/20 of the useful volume of the vessel. Avoiding of vortex formation in the vessel by means of the suction behaviour of the circulation agitator.

By means of the circulation agitator, the vessel can be emptied completely.



Pumping, transferring and CIP with the following advantages:

By opening a bypass valve, it can be switched from mixing in the vessel to pumping, transfer or CIP.
By means of pumping, the water phase, the fat and oil phase can be pumped into the circulation.
Fat not yet molten is additionally processed by means of the circulation process and thus quicker molten, as the liquid phase flowing back into the vessel moves to the hot vessel wall and is layed on the top of the product.

When circulating, additional liquids or powders can be sucked into the circulation flow by means of a vacuum control and thus a better incorporation takes place.

Depending on the size of the circulation agitator, 2 - 4 bar overpressure can be generated.

This overpressure is suitable for the following functions:

  • Transfer of the phases from one vessel to the other,
  • Transfer, even if both vessels are under vacuum,
  • Due to vacuum tranfer in both vessels, no inclusion of air, e.g. when sucking directly a phase into the homogenizer toothing,
  • The phases to be transferred can also be fed without vacuum, only with overpressure. By means of the stepless RPM control, the corresponding transfer velocity is also variable.

By preparing a CIP solution and by means of the specially developed NETZSCH Vakumix cleaning units, a CIP of the vessel, the transfer lines, the safety fittings and of all piping systems can be carried out with the help of the circulation agitator.

Cyclic cleaning of the water premix vessel (GammaVita Type ABW) via the fat premix vessel (GammaVita Type ABF) to the homogenizing mixer (KappaVita Type HM/S) with the possibilities of rough cleaning, alkaline cleaning, intermediate cleaning, acid cleaning, final flushing as well additional cleaning steps or disinfection flushings which are dependent on the product.

The higher investment costs into NETZSCH Vakumix Circulation Agitators are amortized within short times, as there is no need for additional cleaning equiment (CIP units) and furthermore the use of circulation agitators reduces considerably the process times for production and cleaning.

All our circulation agitators can be converted subsequently to a homogenizer by exchanging the mixing set (stator / rotor).

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