Toll Grinding at NETZSCH

NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik is a service enterprise with locations in Bobingen and Hanau. We operate with a state-of-the-art, diversified array of machines for mechanical processing of a wide range of materials. In addition to a pilot plant for product development and processing of small quantities, our laboratories off er additional state-of-the-art technologies for diverse analyses and quality assurance.

We ensure the highest quality in every regard.

In order to meet your needs, our service also encompasses the extremely important aspects of packaging, labeling and warehouse logistics, which are customized to your requirements by our specialists with competence, efficiency and flexibility.

We handle hazardous materials with exceptional professional responsibility.

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Together against Corona - NETZSCH

Our Services

NETZSCH is the only supplier in the service sector that can offer the entire range of applications from dry to wet grinding including dispersing from one source. Get an impression of our services and trust in our know-how.

Outsourcing to NETZSCH offers you the following benefits:

  • No capital commitment
  • No investment of your own funds
  • Flexibility and calculable risk through the market entry phase
  • Planning certainty for your decision-making processes
  • Bridging of capacity bottlenecks
  • Support during product development

NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik is the specialist for high-quality, abrasion-free dry grinding in the micron and submicron range.


A customized solution, even for the trickiest separation tasks: NETZSCH offers a broad range of systems and technologies for separation.

Wet Grinding

With the most advanced grinding technology, you will achieve the grinding or dispersion of your products into the micron or nanometer range.

Mixing / De-Aerating

There is a variety of mixing machines available for your special mixing tasks

Dispersing / Homogenization

Standard mixing tasks? We can do more! NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik achieves exceptionally homogeneous raw material mixtures, allowing economical material use of your products.


All of our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art systems and analysis methods and offer the optimum conditions for successful testing and development.

Keep Record

Through our process control and documentation, we ensure that the quality of your product is consistent and reproducible.


We package and label your products, quickly and flexibly adapted to your requirements.

Your Benefits from Toll Grinding:

  • No operating costs
  • No planning costs
  • No investment costs
  • No space requirements
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Bridge capacity bottlenecks
  • Highest product quality - reproducible!
  • Introduction of new products to the market with minimal risk

Our Technologies and Contact Persons in the Locations:

Dry Grinding and Classifying in Bobingen / Germany

Bobingen is the location of the NETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik GmbH headquarters. Here we offer micronization of dry materials into the nanometer range,

Dry Grinding and Classifying in Hanau / Germany

Our facility in Hanau specializes in micronization and the classification of dry materials. It is located directly in the Wolfgang Industrial Park.

Wet Grinding in Selb / Germany

Our specialists for the wet processing of your products are located in Selb, where a broad range of mills, mixers, kneading machines and deaerators is available for your product.

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Our long-term experience with a diversity of products in these fields, is available for your toll grinding needs.