NETZSCH PilotPlant

For the Production of Small Quantities


The NETZSCH PilotPlant is predestined for the production of small quantities. It can also be delivered in pressure shock resistant, gas-tight and wear protected execution in order to give more flexibility for meeting product requirements.

In contrast to the LabPilotPlant, with the NETZSCH PilotPlant various dosing units can be used – these can be optimally designed to suit the characteristics of the particular product.

NETZSCH SmartRemoval

The filter of the LabPilotPlant is equipped with the SmartRemoval (patent-pending) filter hose exchange system newly developed by NETZSCH.

With this system, the same low residual dust content as that obtained with Top Removal filters can be achieved without their disadvantage, i.e. no additional installation height is required with SmartRemoval. NETZSCH SmartRemoval requires the same amount of space as standard Side Removal systems. With this system, no tools are required for exchanging the filter hoses and their mounting is significantly quicker and very easy. For you this means that filter hose exchange times are reduced by up to 80 %!


The basic module of the PilotPlant, consisting of filter, cyclone, blower and switching plant, can be operated with the following machines:

  • Fluidized Bed Jet Mill CGS 16
  • High-Density Bed Mill ConJet® 16
  • Classifier Mill CSM 80
  • Ultra-Fine Classifier CFS 8
  • High-Efficiency Classifier CFS 8 HD-S
  • Flexible use
  • Optimum accessibility
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Efficient product separation
  • Can be used with a cyclone
  • Generously dimensioned filter door for comfortable access to raw gas chamber
  • Filter hose exchange can be carried out quickly without the use of tools thanks to NETZSCH SmartRemoval system
  • Dust-free product filling process
  • Easy and clear operation via operating panel in separate swivel arm
  • Delivery with various machine modules
  • Module retrofitting can be carried out at a later date
  • Various dosing units can be used
  • Optional delivery also possible in pressure shock resistant, gas-tight and/or wear protected executions


Cellulose / Pulp


Adhesives / Sealants




Ceramics / Glass




Ultra-fine Grinding and Ultra-fine Classifying on a Laboratory Scale



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Truly a flexible laboratory system – with reproducible results – variable for ultra-fine grinding and classifying – for laboratory operations or the continuous production of small batches!

s-Jet® 25 实验型超高温蒸汽喷气研磨

新型 s-Jet® (专利申请中)是气流磨领域里的一项新的创新技术,颗粒细度能达到亚微米范围 (如: d50 0,2 µm). 跟其他传统的气流磨相比较,s-Jet® 使用的是蒸汽。

冲击磨Condux® 60

通用型的实验室研磨机 – 灵活,易操作! 适用于各种物料及细度要求的研磨。

可研磨的细度范围为30 到800 µm(d97)

可提供用气量从70到280 Nm³/h 的各种型大小的设备。