Jura - 蒸汽分级磨

Multiple horizontally installed nozzles direct pressurized air into the center and provide the energy for grinding products. The fine ground product is elevated by the grinding and classifying air up to the vertically installed rotor where the fines are separated.

Even the hardest of products poses no problem for this machine. In addition, extremely temperature sensitive products can be processed under continuous  operation.


  • Finenesses from d97 < 2 µm to d97 70 µm (based on limestone)
  • Air jet mill for the ultra-fine grinding of soft to hard materials in a fluid bed
  • Exactly defined maximum particle size through integrated dynamic air classifier
  • Vortex free fines outlet with expansion chamber to reduce circumferential speed and wear as well as buildup of residues
  • Classifier wheel with exchangeable, simultaneously rotating immersion tube to achieve highest finenesses, unlimited adjustment
  • Gap between classifier wheel and fines outlet rinsed by gas for highest possible prevention of coarse grains
  • Classifier shaft seal rinsed by compressed gas to protect the bearings
  • Entirely autogenous grinding - no tool wear - no contamination
  • Warming of product prevented by grinding with cooled gas (20°C), therefore applicable for extremely temperature sensitive materials
  • Significantly lower compressor capacity as opposed to comparable jet mills
  • Highest finenesses and maximum throughput achievable with just one classifier wheel
  • Hinged classifier head provides good access for fast and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Reproducible results
  • Optional designs available: pressure shock resistant, gas tight, inert


  • 细度下限低至 d98 <2 μm
  • 可处理高硬度/磨料产品
  • 极窄的粒径分布
  • 零污染工艺
  • 运行噪音小
  • 快速清洁,所以能快速更换产品批次


  • 陶瓷 (比如氧化物,碳化物,氮化物和硅酸盐)
  • 磨料
  • 稀土(比如钕铁硼,氧化铈,钐钴,等)
  • 纯净无污染的产品(比如硅胶,荧光材料等)
  • 农药
  • 树脂,蜡,脂
  • 颜料和染料 碳化钨转子
  • 矿物粉 (比如滑石)