PMD / PMD-VC 高强度分散机

新型混合加工技术: 固定式混合分散机用于大批量产品加工


PMD 和 PMD-VC是固定式混合分散机,用于大批量产品加工。

混合和分散过程的分开操作大大降低了整个生产过程的能耗,尤其对于容积大于2000 l的分散筒有效.



  • Reduced power requirement due to the functional separation of mixing, with the multi-arm anchor agitator, and dispersing, with the toothed disk
  • Minimal increase in the product temperature
  • Variable height adjustment of the toothed disk by means of the hydraulic lifting column
  • Scraper blades on the anchor agitator guarantee complete product exchange on the tank walls as well as residue-free emptying
  • Intensive product cooling due to complete product exchange on the tank walls
  • Machine suitable for installation on platform or floor
  • Very easy to clean
  • Closed design
  • Partial batch processing from approx. 25% effective volume
  • Fast, efficient feeding of solids with ADS sound systeme
  • Variable speed for dispersion disk


Standard Design

  • Product-wetted parts in 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Conical tank design
  • Dissolver drive from above
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering device for the dissolver drive
  • Anchor drive from below
  • Dissolver shaft made of high-strength stainless steel
  • Bellows at the shaft and lifting column


  • Special steels and surface treatment of product-wetted parts
  • Can be heated/cooled
  • Temperature monitor
  • Various Ex models
  • Vacuum model
  • Charging systems for solids and liquids
  • Automatic Dispersion System (ADS)
  • Weighing system with formula monitor Integration into higher-level process control systems
  • Camera system for process visualization
  • Cleaning systems up to 200 bar
PMD / PMD-VC 强效混合机– 产量高,节能,高效



NETZSCH Intensive Mixer PMD Functional Principle
NETZSCH Intensive Mixer PMD bigbag fed




The PMD and PMD-VC intensive mixers are stationary mixing and dispersing units for processing large batches.


So when S & S Druckfarben needed a new manufacturing plant for heat-set - one that would use cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art process controls to deliver a huge 35,000 Tonnes per annum - they too enlisted our services.


When Sun Chemical built a new manufacturing plant using cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art process controls, they looked to the plant and process engineering expertise at NETZSCH.


After a devastating fire in 2008 Sakata Inx España and Sakata Inx Japan looked to the plant and process engineering expertise at NETZSCH. The new production facility for flexographic ink is the largest project of its kind in Europe since 2008, they needed a company that could design the process and then engineer the new plant from start to finish, and also guarantee its final performance.




Ψ-Mix® 在线分散机

在线分散机 Ψ-Mix®是固液分散领域革命性的成果,其主要优点是:高效,分散效果好,重复性可靠,过程可靠。

PMH / PML 行星混合捏合机


MasterMix® 分散机

NETZSCH MasterMix®是一款高速,大功率的分散机。所用分散桶相对比较简单。可以非常轻松地分散物料粘度高至100 Pa·s 的产品,应用范围广泛。