CFS/HD-S 高精度分级机








  • 细度可达d97 2.5 µm (基于石灰石)
  • 分级轮为水平布置,提高了分级效率
  • 焊接式的分级轮机架,带铰链型的结构设计,这一切令分级轮的清洗和维护更方便快捷
  • 螺旋型的机架设计更有利于粗颗粒的导向
  • 带可调叶片的导向叶环可在分级之前对进料进行有效的分散
  • 为最大程度上防止粗颗粒混入产品,在分级轮和细粉料出口间的缝隙有气体过滤装置
  • 通过压缩空气对分级轮轴进行密封,用于保护轴承
  • 对于高温空气应用,分级轮轴承是通过油脂或润滑油进行密封的
  • 可获得特别窄的粒度分布
  • 仅通过一个分级轮就能获得最高的细度等级和最大的产量
  • 通过设备的旋转对称设计实现了分级轮的均布负载
  • 快捷的清洗和维护保养
  • 有重现性的结果
  • 提供的可选配置:防爆防振设计,气密装置,耐磨损配置


矿石 / 矿产 / 金属







纤维素 / 纸浆




For glass products, ground with dry ball mills or other mechanical Fine Mills the CFS/HD-S High Dispersion Air Classifiers can be used to remove coarse grit and provide a steeper Particle size distribution (PSD) more similar to a jet mill. Also, in some circumstances, fines removal may be desired, also to provide a steeper PSD.


Typical toner products have a D50 in the range of 5 µm – 7 µm. NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH entered the field of toner processing with the development of the CGS Jet Mill in the 1990’s followed by the CFS/HD-S High Dispersion Air Classifier a few years later.


NETZSCH has developed new methods in wet and dry processing which enable a mineral processing that matches the requirements of current and future markets.


NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH offers mixing, kneading and dispersing machines for low- to high-viscosity products as well as a variety of wet-grinding units for reduction into the nanometer range, tailor-made for each application. When it comes to the processing of dry products by cutting, fine grinding or fine classification, you will find a wealth of experience and an equally varied program of fine-impact mills, classifier and jet mills as well as fine-cutting mills and high-performance fine classifiers.


As the global leader in particle-reduction machinery, NETZSCH offers the technology and machinery to provide true drug development solutions.


The NETZSCH High-efficiency Fine Classifier CFS/HD-S works very efficiently due to ist closely defined sharpness of cut and ist very specific product flow.


Our long-term experience with a diversity of products in these fields, is available for your toll grinding needs.



The CFS-HD classifier uses a combination of the free vortex and the forced vortex models to achieve cut points down to less than 2 µm. The classifier rotor has a new design for theoretically constant radial velocity in the vane-free internal area; it is surrounded by a cage of static vanes, creating a steep spiral flow in order to give good dispersion and deagglomeration to the material to be classified.


Based on the physical model of classification in vaned rotors, the fundamental difference between the exclusive use of a forced vortex flow (i.e. classification at the outer edge of the vanes) and the combined use of forced vortex/free vortex flow (i.e. classification in the interior vane free area) is derived. The classifier used for the comparison is a CFS-HDS model. Results received from this classifier equipped with a ConVor-wheel with constant radial velocity of the flow in the interior vane free area are compared with results from a classifier wheel designed for classification at the outer edge of the vanes.


In the ceramic industry the mechanical treatment of raw materials, processed or finished powders is an important part of many production processes. At the same time the grinding- and classifying processes are also of primordial importance, in order to ensure a range of particle sizes which is usually exactly defined for the particular process. The grinding principle of jet milling has proved itself to be particularly effective for the grinding of ceramic and abrasive materials. They can be ground to high finenesses, with an exact upper particle size limit, in one working step.




CFS 5 HD-S 和 CFS 8 HD-S 高性能精细分级机


分级范围从2.5到60um (d97)。

可提供用气量从25到145 Nm³/h 的各种型大小的设备。

耐驰 SmartRemoval

NETZSCH SmartRemoval is an innovative filter hose replacement system saving time and money. It combines the advantages of the conventional Top and Side Removal Systems and offsets their weak points.



可应用的分级范围为 2.5 到 60 µm (d97).

可提供用气量从350到2.600 Nm³/h 的各种大小的设备。

CGS 流化床气流磨

CGS完美地结合了气流磨粉碎及动态气流分级。研磨效率高,分级精度好,产品重复性可靠。最新的e-Jet®s-Jet®气流磨技术具有广泛的用途,可大大提高气流磨效率,降低能耗,拓宽了气流磨的应用范围。产品研磨的细度从1到70微米( d97 ).

气流磨的容积大小,所用研磨气体的量从50到12,000 Nm³/h.