Business Field AfterSales Service

Close to the Heart of NETZSCH!

In NETZSCH, we are totally convinced that AfterSales service really matters to our customers. When you acquire NETZSCH equipment, it is our commitment to keep it in operation under optimal performance through the rest of its lifetime.

Our promise is to minimize downtimes by using an agile and reliable full program of preventive maintenance, remote assistance and field service support, using, when needed, high quality original spare parts at fair prices in a short and reliable delivery time.

But that is not enough; in our ongoing search for excellence, we also promise to keep your production process at an optimal and efficient state of the art operation condition, giving process advice and machine improvements.

From any of our manufacturing and service centers in Europe, North and South America or Asia, a full dedicated and motivated AfterSales service team is ready to help and support you.


Santiago Requena
Business Field Manager “AfterSales Service”

Solutions for AfterSales Service

Installation Support
Spare Parts
Field Service & Support
Optimization Services

To increase your competitiveness, to organize the smooth and efficient running of your processes and to ensure a maximum machine uptime, we offer you a range of services, which makes us your capable and reliable partner.


实验室/ 试验




作为全球领先的公司在以下领域干湿磨,以及优良的分类和混合,揉和分散技术,我们知道什么事情给您。我们多年的经验与产品的多样性是在您为您的收费处理磨削需要 作为在全球湿法研磨,分级,混合,捏合和分散技术领域的领头羊公司,我们也认识到了责任。我们拥有自己的实验室和多年累积的产品经验,为您提供各种研磨分散技术试验。