Powtech 2017

From September, 26 till September 28, 2017, the mechanical process technologies community will meet once again at the POWTECH, known as the world’s leading trade fair for powder, granulate and bulk materials technologies.

If you’re looking for innovations in wet, dry or toll grinding, you’re guaranteed to find them here with NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing where we’ll be introducing to you four true global innovations and other interesting advancements in an area measuring almost 200 m2.

We provide global support for your projects, whether dry, wet or toll grinding. Our innovative technologies, worldwide service and profound know-how guarantee that your investment will be successful from day one.

Would you like to know more about our global innovations and advancements?

Come meet with our specialists personally at booth 223 in hall 4A and enjoy a cocktail or smoothie in a quiet, comfortable setting.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand!

Our Highlights

High-efficiency Fine Classifier CFS/HD-S - Dedusting of Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing)

万能磨有销棒,风轮,叶轮,磨盘四种研磨工具,可根据产品要求方便地在同一机盒里转换。该种机械磨应用范围广泛。产品颗粒细度在30 到 800 µm (d97).

安装功率在 1.1 - 250 kW ,用气量在140 - 31,000 Nm³/h.

SecoMy® 精细切割磨

快速操作精细切割磨SecoMy®能够粉碎的纤维,韧性,软,粘塑性的或热敏产品。这种类型的切割磨通过自身刀具的数量和位置的优化达到切削振动率。 研磨的驱动能量大小可从37到200千瓦。

研磨系统 Neos

The agitator cooling with the newly-developed Neos grinding system stands for maximum performance, product quality and efficiency. Coupled with the reliable use of extremely small grinding media, you can achieve your required product quality with high production output and low specific energy consumption.

Epsilon - 在线分散机

With the Epsilon, NETZSCH offers a new, compact solution for producing homogeneous dispersionswith reproducible quality in an inline process. Here, the dispersion process takes place in an atmospherically sealed processing chamber and is thus dust and emission free.

耐驰 Omega®

成功的分散需要以针对性的力量来分散团聚颗粒。Omega®经济型分散机对于即时分散力尤其有效: Omega®分散腔体内,能源会在压力下转化为非常高的速度.

CSM 分级磨

CSM是分级机与机械磨的完美结合使得产品颗粒级配优化。相比较于研磨机再加分级机的过程,在一台设备中结合研磨及分级过程更稳定,能耗更低。 CSM产品颗粒范围在10 to 150 µm (d97).

安装功率为 1.5 - 250 kW 和 用气量为 50 - 26,000 Nm³/h.

耐驰 SmartRemoval

NETZSCH SmartRemoval is an innovative filter hose replacement system saving time and money. It combines the advantages of the conventional Top and Side Removal Systems and offsets their weak points.